All photos on this page are shot with different film stocks (mostly Ilford HP5) and cameras. If i´ve shot your band, feel free to use the photos (a credittext with „photos by“ would be cool).

10.10.20 Glockenbachwerkstatt (Munich)
Nikon FM2n / HP5 Film

Die Dorks

21.09.20 Olympiastadion (Munich)
Nikon F100 / HP5 Film

Todeskommando Atomsturm
Duo Frizzante

04.07.20 Bauhaus Area (Munich)
Nikon FM2n / HP5 Film

All my hate for
System Collapse

27.06.20 Backstage (Munich)
Nikon F100 / HP5 Film

Punk 9 from outer Space

18.01.20 Profil Garching (Munich)
Nikon F100 / HP5 Film

Life comes closer
So god will

09.01.20 Olga Wagenplatz (Munich)
Nikon FM2n / HP5 Film

Destination Dèsolè